Darcey by Sugimoto Rose Farm


Darcey by Sugimoto Rose Farm


We now present you the grand opening of The Greatest Performance

Under the dazzling spotlight,
We honor the greatest craftsmanship
Red Velvet, Crimson, and Scarlet
Displaying the spectrum of the most
beautiful reds
The show begins

Lucky spectators who witness
This state of art will never forget: “The Flower”

Scent of serenity will diffuse
To the deepest corners of the heart of
Yours and the loved ones

Captures the heart
In no more than a second:
All done by a single rose

This is an English rose that preserves the honor of
The Prima donna “Darcey Bussell”
With the matching beauty gifted from the nature

The Farmers


One thing that ever lasts

The English Rose from the Sugimoto Rose Farm is certified by David Austin Co., Ltd. (Only two Japanese producers are certified by David Austin Co. Ltd.). What makes English rose attractive is its exquisite blossom, rich scent, and magnificent variety. Only certain types of English Roses, certified by David Austin Co., Ltd., are provided to the world to see.
“The toughest part is to decide which type of flowers to grow. I select my flowers with my passion and my passion seems to touch my customers as they love them. Even though I’m almost 70 years old and don’t speak a word of English, I would fly to Holland, Turkey, basically anywhere on the globe, where there are flowers, any day!” Selecting right flowers with proper diversity is important because you’re bound to spend many years with your chosen flowers. One can say that Sugimoto’s selections are setting the future flower trend.

A flower that blooms with the love of nature, and the flower that blooms with the focus of efficiencies do not belong in a same category

Soft upright stem; colors of the nature’s most vibrant leaves; loyalty and sophistication from the flower

“Stem, Leaves, and the Flower” – the ensemble from this trio has helped Sugimoto roses to be recognized as the undisputed No.1 rose in Japan.

Principle of Mr. Sugimoto’s craftsmanship is to carefully witness the vigor and vitality of his roses.

Though it might sound easy, it is not as easy as it sounds; roses are extremely delicate and fragile.
When excess of fertilizer is given, the flower would seemingly grow large. Moreover, adding a little more vibrant color to the leaves isn’t that much of a difficult task either. However, just like how our mother nature works, these seemingly beautiful synthesized flowers would face some complications. Once the flower deviates from its carefully balanced equilibrium of energies, she would have to redistribute her energy that were once reserved for blooming to other basic maintenance tasks, such as keeping herself merely standing. When the balance collapses, the flower will never fully blossom to meet its potential that the nature has initially provided.

In the absence of ego and desires, Mr. Sugimoto thrives to grow his flowers as naturally as possible. This is the reason behind him always closely communicating and spectating the beauty of the nature through the faces of his roses.

Water, Fertilizer, CO2, Nitrogen, Temperature, Humidity – All needs to be in a perfect balance

Alternative to excess fertilizer, Mr. Sugimoto chooses to make a sacrifice in quantity by snapping off some branches to allow the remaining ones to receive more energy and nutrition all without forcing with the synthetics. Furthermore, keeping a log of every minute condition in the greenhouse, Mr. Sugimoto keeps himself at the edge of modern science and technology to help maintain the house in a perfect condition. Unlike the conventional use of labor as a big assembly line, Mr. Sugimoto chooses to designate each workers to their assigned trees until the last day of the trees. This another sacrifice enables the workers to fully adopt the flower as a members of his/her family from the day it sets its roots to the soil until the last day of its existence. Every single worker in the Sugimoto Rose Farm thrives to protect his/her family from the harm.
“Watching the faces of my roses everyday, I ponder what I can do more for her. This is not much different from raising a child”
So many challenges, things don't always turn to your favor.
However, only thing you can do is to keep on looking at their faces.

Hold your breath, you are about to witness the ultimate blossom

The process of cutting the flower is certainly one of the trickiest procedures for our farmers. When harvested too early, the flower won’t blossom at the shop. On the other hand, when harvested too late, the flower will over-blossom at the shop.

The trick behind the beautifully lasting roses from the “Sugimoto Rose Farm” comes from their delicate harvesting craftsmanship, which maximizes the potential energy that each flowers naturally possesses.

The energy that flower retains at the moment of the harvest is the key to its longevity. We proudly promise you that the rose will be as beautiful as it always should be until the last day of its blossom.

“The Art of Growing Everlasting Rose” – Mr. Sugimoto’s craftsmanship.

More naturally … “Buckets”

“Because I am the caretaker of the roses, I know they are the most beautiful when in nature. I wanted to share what I see with my customers”.

Mr. Sugimoto has always had much concerns on how to deliver the full beauty of roses to the customers. After much thoughts, Mr. Sugimoto has come up with the matching delivery method: “The bucket.” This again is another sacrifice that Mr. Sugimoto takes to honor his quality. In each bucket, there he lets his carefully wrapped roses to continue breathing by placing them vertically on 2 liters of water throughout the delivery process. This is not the end, he then places breathable boxes on top of the buckets to zero the damage. This multiple procedures allow the flowers to stay as beautifully as possible until the day it is finally given to the loved ones. Though this method is popular in Holland, most other producers choose not to incorporate such method. The reason is that the producers are forced to sacrifices much quantity as the flowers cannot be laid down sideways in the distribution process, preventing the mass production. When Mr. Sugimoto witnessed this very procedure in Holland, his soul was instantly captivated as the method matched his craftsmanship. Since then, Mr. Sugimoto has been importing the buckets directly from Holland despite the cost. After the careful packaging process, the refrigerated truck comes pick up the masterpiece directly to the market. His resilient attitude toward the perfectness is the Mr. Sugimoto’s way of roses.

Spring water, Fall wind

On top of the mountain at Ryuoh-cho Shiga, all four sides surrounded by the mountain range, there is the Sugimoto Rose Farm. Fall wind dropping from beyond the range of mountains keeps the farm at an optimal level of humidity and renders a cool summer. As roses are not a fan of heat and dryness, Ryuoh-cho has been an ideal place for the finest roses growing for a long time. However, what is even more impressive is the spring water. The water maintains its temperature at 12~13 °C throughout the year and the fluctuation in the quality is minimal throughout, with abundance of mineral contents. Sugimoto Rose Farm pumps its best spring water from the 130m underground. Sugimoto Rose Farm sure is the heaven’s garden of roses.

The days which the roses are especially more beautiful

Shigeyuki Sugimoto with his wife Etsuko started the Sugimoto Rose Farm.
Etsuko says: “I have always loved roses ever since I was little. My dream has always been making roses everyday. When I was working at a different industry, I overheard Shigeyuki is going to start a rose farm with tremendous amount of loans. In my mind I was thinking, with Shigeyuki I could be making flowers everyday. So I decided to chase my dream against the risks and asked him to marry me. As I continue to live in my dreams today, every day is overflowing with joys and happiness. Even at the times of concerns, my days continue to shine with brightness. Actually, the days that the roses are especially more beautiful are those days when you have concerns. Could it be from the fact that I’m talking to them everyday? Too good, no?”

She sure is “The Flower”


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